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Happy Birthday to Us!

Believe it or not, we launched FeedSyndicate ten years ago. Back then YouTube was just a startup and Yahoo still a really good search engine (how times have changed!). Since then we’ve grown (alot!) and we now provide a complete range of content for customers worldwide. It’s been tough work, and we've learned many lessons and we look forward to delivering more great content in the future. To celebrate we're rolling prices back to 2006 and have created a special content package that contains our most popular content feeds (at 2006 prices!): Continue reading

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FeedSyndicate overhauls Content as a Service pricing and web packages

FeedSyndicate, a leading provider of real time and on demand content for mobile and web applications, today announced a major update to its “Content as a Service” pricing structure for web and mobile applications.

“We responded directly to customer feedback in reworking the pricing structure for our groundbreaking Content-as-a-Service accounts,” said Jeff Brown of FeedSyndicate. “We now offer mobile and web application developers an extremely affordable, easy to use and fast method to source and use content without the costs and headaches of creating expensive data storage.”

The updated Content as a Service accounts feature greatly increased query volume quotas,  per query data costs that is a fraction of a penny.

Current content offerings from FeedSyndicate include: a complete news service , global weather,  financial data, and a complete suite of infotainment content including Factoids, Trivia, Horoscopes and more.

“Developers and companies using our services gain the benefits of being able to easily and affordably build amazing and content rich mobile and web applications,” said Brown. “Our customers get better content and improve and their service offerings.”

About FeedSyndicate:
FeedSyndicate is a leading provider of real-time news, business and financial information, weather, horoscopes and other content for web, wireless, print, broadcast, digital signage and interactive applications.

Need Content?
FeedSyndicate content accounts are extremely affordable.. Visit for more information.

FeedSyndicate Launches Professional Services for the Enterprise

FeedSyndicate Providing Customers with Customized Content Development and Technical Engineering Services for Content Applications and Solutions Continue reading

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German Content Node in Frankfurt Deployed

We are pleased to announce the expansion of our global content network this week with the opening of our second content node this year in Europe, with a location  in Frankfurt, Germany.

The additional FeedSyndicate content node allows FeedSyndicate to add substantially speed  its on-demand inventory of news and content for the enterprise.

FeedSyndicate has been a pioneer in providing affordable and easy to use Content-as-a-Service for the enterprise from as low as $150/mo.


FeedSyndicate Launches Miami Data Node with South America Optimized Network Segment

FeedSyndicate the leader in on demand Content-as-a-Service, today announced it will open a new content data node Miami to support its growing number of new global customers and existing customer base, with a South America Optimized Network Segment!  The new Miami data node is one of eight content data nodes available to FeedSyndicate customers around the world.

“The addition of the Miami data node is a critical step in realizing the full potential of our proprietary content as a service offerings.” said Jeff Brown, CEO at FeedSyndicate. “This expansion addresses the changing needs of our global customers who require the fastest and most reliable content  for their websites and  applications.”

About FeedSyndicate

FeedSyndicate is the leader in on demand content as a service.. FeedSyndicate solves the our clients content puzzle and allows companies to source and use that content in one seamless, interactive environment and create breakthrough applications to empower their customers and users.

FeedSyndicate opens Singapore datacenter

We are very pleased to announced that FeedSyndicate has opened a seventh content data node in Singapore.

Our Singapore node is securely connected by a high speed private network to all of our other data centers around the world.

“This new data and content node underlines our continued success and demand for quality, reliable and affordable content services,” Jeff Brown, FeedSyndicate’s founder said in a statement.

“Our Content-as-a-Service offersings make access and using real-time on-demand content achievable for any level of user. Our customers can build and scale websites and applications and  have the content and data they need, connected to a truly global platform.”


FeedSyndicate Completes Global Content Cloud Deployment

Since our launch, FeedSyndicate has grown.. slowly, strategically, always keyed to demonstrated and growing client demands and keenly attuned to the changing industry needs. Now we are very pleased to announce a significant global expansion of our content delivery network and a corresponding addition of custom content services. Continue reading

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Important Update: Changes to FeedSyndicate URLS are coming soon

Why we  made this change: We want to make FeedSyndicate the best performing content platform available. We made this change to improve the speed, resiliency and reliability of our network?

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Our new content delivery cloud roll out
  • even more reliable and faster geographically redundant routing
  • A single global content delivery platform that takes the widest range of content options and then integrates and automates everything.

What it means for you: Better content,  improved network speeds and the most reliable content platform.

What you need to do:  Almost all clients who have been using FeedSyndicate content for the past five years will need to update the URLS they are using.  As we’ve done in the past, our content team will make every effort to automatically redirect the old feed requests, but please understand that these do not always work. Failure to update your feed URLS could mean your system does not get the latest content you need.

If you are using,, contentfast or any other domain as part of the URL that your system is using to request content from our systems then you MUST replace these with

Examples of INCORRECTLY formatted feed URLS


Examples of CORRECTLY formatted feed URLS


Services that are impacted: This change must be made to all content services, including but not limited to full text news, weather, markets, indices and infotaiment content