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Authoritative and Comprehensive News – FeedSyndicate provides easy access to a wide breadth of real time news from the Fourth Estate’s global news desk. Chose from more IAB Categories and/or IPTC Media Topcics: More than 1000 pre-defined focused subject areas based on industry sectors & sub-sectors, business activities, competitive, legal & regulatory issues and products & services news from a global, national, regional and local perspective.

Automatically and Continuously Updated – FeedSyndicate’s systems are automatically and continuously fed with news and information inn pre-defined or custom Topic Categories. All stories relevant to the coverage area are delivered regardless of originating sources. No searching required.

Flexible and Easy Integration – Integration is often less than 30 minutes with your choice of delivery methods, including NewsML, Json, RSS, Plain text and Email. And if you need help integrating into your own site, FeedSyndicate is available to develop the solution you need.

Customized by Subsidiary, Business Unit, Segment or User – Custom Topic Categories can be created based on your specific requirements using the technology. These custom topic categories can serve the needs of one individual or hundreds of people within a business unit.

Easy to Use – No Searching Required. Users have one click access to the information most important to them. Create a feed or use the download, email and print capability available.

Ad Hoc Searching – FeedSyndicate provides ad hoc searching across the 30-day archive of news and information sources by key word, company name or ticker symbol.

Economical – YellowBrix Solutions provide a favorable ratio of expense of information vs. time required by user. bring end users the information they need without having to search for it, big savings in time and productivity.