Why FeedSyndicate

Five Reasons to Choose FeedSyndicate

With almost two decades of experience in the content and tech industries, FeedSyndicate continues to stay at the cutting edge, providing innovative and reliable solutions to provide your company with excellent real-time news and content services.

01. A Powerful Portfolio of Content Services

News, weather, stocks, markets, trivia, horoscopes, traffic and much more. We are a one stop content service provider.

02. Content That Provides ROI

Whether your objectives are to; inform your audience; make money; acquire new members or retain more of your current membership base, our content services help put you in control and help you to achieve your business objectives.

03. Flexible Content Delivery Options

FeedSyndicate’s content-as-a-service gets you up and running with news and content in no time with our easy-to-integrate solutions, which means you will spend less time, money and resources integrating content into your platform.

04. Real News and Information, not Just RSS Feeds

Real-time news and information and we send you new articles in real-time, as they are published. And, unlike RSS, you host the content on your website.

05. Great Technical Support

Great technology alone does not provide outstanding products and services. Smart, innovative, empowered people hold the keys to success for our clients and our company.



As a result of COVID-19 pandemic we are unable to operate as a result of the mandatory government-imposed physical lock-downs and internet blackouts for the foreseeable future because of this Act of God, or Force Majeure event.

We are unable to determine how long this Force Majeure will continue and regret any inconvenience this global pandemic event has caused you due to these circumstances beyond our control.

We have activated our emergency continuity plan and have taken every possible step possible to ensure that our systems remain operational for existing clients while we operate "lights out".  However please understand that we are not accepting new clients and request for office or technical support may be significantly.

The coming weeks and months will test all of us, and like you, we too are focusing on the safety of our families, employees, and the communities we live and work in.

Please take care and stay safe.