FeedSyndicate overhauls Content as a Service pricing and web packages

FeedSyndicate, a leading provider of real time and on demand content for mobile and web applications, today announced a major update to its “Content as a Service” pricing structure for web and mobile applications.

“We responded directly to customer feedback in reworking the pricing structure for our groundbreaking Content-as-a-Service accounts,” said Jeff Brown of FeedSyndicate. “We now offer mobile and web application developers an extremely affordable, easy to use and fast method to source and use content without the costs and headaches of creating expensive data storage.”

The updated Content as a Service accounts feature greatly increased query volume quotas,  per query data costs that is a fraction of a penny.

Current content offerings from FeedSyndicate include: a complete news service , global weather,  financial data, and a complete suite of infotainment content including Factoids, Trivia, Horoscopes and more.

“Developers and companies using our services gain the benefits of being able to easily and affordably build amazing and content rich mobile and web applications,” said Brown. “Our customers get better content and improve and their service offerings.”

About FeedSyndicate:
FeedSyndicate is a leading provider of real-time news, business and financial information, weather, horoscopes and other content for web, wireless, print, broadcast, digital signage and interactive applications.

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