FeedSyndicate Completes Global Content Cloud Deployment

Since our launch, FeedSyndicate has grown.. slowly, strategically, always keyed to demonstrated and growing client demands and keenly attuned to the changing industry needs.  Now we are very pleased to announce a significant global expansion of our content delivery network and a corresponding addition of custom content services.

Our freshly completed deployment of FeedSyndicate content nodes doubles our capacity and sets the framework for what we believe will be an unmatched platform and solution for the delivery of high quality, ultra reliable and affordable Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) solutions to our growing global customer base.

Additionally we’ve added content nodes in several key strategic locations including Tokyo, Japan: London, England, and our soon to launch node in Australia.  All three of these locations are primary network access points for internet traffic.   The new nodes all meet several criteria for our future plans—covering our continued growth as well as new features and partnerships we intend to offer.

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