Trivia and Factoid Content that Delights

Trivia and Factoids

Unusual facts, weird information, bits and pieces of miscellaneous knowledge that’s fun to read, and might be useful in sparking conversations.


Trivia and Factoid data that is available for websites, apps and digital signage coverage includes the latest popular categories such as business, entertainment, celebrity gossip, sports, technology, health, politics and hundreds of other standardized news codes/categories.


New factoids and trivia is routinely added and refreshed so that your users/viewers have the best experiences possible.

Solving Your Content Challenges

Develop Faster

With FeedSyndicate, you don’t have to spend valuable time on building a high-cost content infrastructure; instead you just pay for the content you consume on a variable basis.

Access Anything

We are a one-stop content solution, that means that you don’t need to spend time and effort juggling multiple content providers and contracts.

Afford More

Clear, flexible and simple pricing that scales based on what type and how much content you access without expensive long term commitments.