Daily Horoscope Feeds

Daily Horoscope Feeds

FeedSyndicates daily horoscope feeds provide a simple, affordable and powerful tool to engage users and keep them coming back every day.

Daily horoscopes from FeedSyndicate can be customized to match the exact look and feel of your website or application. You choose exactly how and where to place the horoscope text feed. Each horoscope feed automatically updates to your website or application and includes a variety of

The feeds update daily, can be retrieved at any time, either individually or daily for all zodiac signs.

Daily horoscopes are delivered in a variety of XML and ready to use HTML formats.

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Flexible Feed Formats

Web delivery options include: RSS, XML, NITF, NewsML and more.

Launch Faster

Our cloud-based platform provides fast time to value and the flexibility for rapid deployment, expansion and iteration.

Get Started Fast

Set up your account and deploy your content account in minutes not weeks.