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The Content And Data Your Users Love

Real-time, dynamic news and content that informs, entertains, educates and engages.

Full Text News

Full text news and images keeps your site fresh and regularly updated.

Headlines and Summaries

News headlines and summaries from thousands of trusted sources by categories, geography or searchable by keywords

Market Data Feeds

Stocks, markets and indices feeds from the major global markets.

Weather Feeds

Current weather conditions and forecasts for hundred of thousands of global locations.

Astrology / Horoscopes

Entertaining daily horoscopes for all signs of the zodiac includes the love match and daily lucky numbers.

Factoids and News Nuggets

News-based facts, and nuggets of knowledge and information from the news of the day

Trivia Questions and Answers

Professionally researched and fact checked trivia questions with a single answer.

Quotes and Sayings

Inspirational, motivational, witty and famous quotations and sayings from celebrities and newsmakers.

Today in History

Up-to-date and fact checked daily historical events, famous and celebrity birthdays and deaths.

Custom Content

Custom content solutions and services, designed exclusively for your business, topic or industry. Contact us.

Three Reasons To Choose FeedSyndicate

Forget about the integration hassles; focus on your business and creating products that delight your customers.

Afford More!

Get the content you want, in the format you want need it to be in, exactly when you want it.

Develop Faster!

Our cloud-based content-as-a-service platform provides fast time to value and flexibility for rapid expansion and iteration.

Worry Less!

Our enterprise content platform is hosted on our own global CDN so scalability is not a concern. We handle billions of client API calls each month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose FeedSyndicate?

We Make Using Real Time Content Easy!

FeedSyndicate is a trusted leading provider of real-time news, financial and infotainment content.

We support hundreds of enterprises around the world with their mission-critical content needs.

We power data feed products and services across, web, mobile and the enterprise.

Do you have a WordPress plugin?

Yes! FeedSyndicate for WordPress makes it quick and easy to publish full text news and images. The FeedSyndicate WordPress Plugin is available as a free download in the WordPress plugin directory.

Get the plugin

Do you provide technical support?

FeedSyndicate offers several flexible support options for customers of all sizes – from developers just starting to use content services for their sites and apps to enterprises deploying business critical applications.

These support options provide you with the best available expertise to increase your productivity, reduce your business costs, and accelerate your application development.

What type of content is available?

FeedSyndicate provides a complete and comprehensive set of content solution that includes: News articles in full text format with images available , headlines and summaries, global weather, stocks and market indices data, today in history, horoscopes, trivia, factoids and more. We continually review and add content offerings based on demonstrated customer demand.

We also offer custom news and content solutions for select clients.

How is the content provided? What formats do you support

The vast majority of our clients will use one of the many XML types that we support. These vary slightly by content type but include: Simple RSS 9,1, RSS2, NewsML, NITF, WeatherML, StocksML SportsML.

JSON format feeds are coming soon.

WordPress clients may also use our custom plugin in download full text news into their site.

Trusted By Clients of All Types and Sizes

From large banks to local radio, we’ve helped thousands of enterprises – of all types – across all major industries.

Happy Customers Are The Bottom Line

Don’t take our word for it — hear it from some of our satisfied customers.

"We’ve been doing business with FeedSyndicate for more than five years. Great product, customer service has always been first class."
Alicia Ramos
"The customer support is exceptional and highly recommend their service for a website or mobile app."
Mark Jones
"Perfect for my needs and has saved me so much time, money, and most of all stress of sourcing stocks and news for my digital signs."
Luc McKeachon
"FeedSyndicate’s Content-as-a-Service integrated with our signs quickly and the service and support are better than I could have dreamed of."
Kent Boyce
"We’ve been doing business with FeedSyndicate for more than five years. Great product and customer service has always been first class."
Elizabeth Gill
"They listen closely to our needs and feedback and actually used them to make their content better!"
Richard Bishop

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