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Plenty of Content ChoicesWe are a one stop content service provider offering a comprehensive selection of content from: full text news (and images), news-briefs, and headlines, local and global weather, financial data, stocks, indices and markets as well as fun and interesting infotainment feeds.

Easy to Deploy and IntegrateJust because you choose an enterprise-grade content solution, doesn’t mean it has to be hard to deploy. Our cloud-based platform provides fast time to value and the flexibility for rapid expansion and iteration. We even offer a ready-to-use plugin for WordPress.

Freedom to InnovateBuild amazing websites and apps. We’ve eliminated all the design contraints and allow you to create experiences that are beautiful and delight your users and clients.

Affordable Pay-As-You-Go PricingClear, flexible and simple pricing – with no hidden fees,  forced upgrades or other confusing limits. Get the content you need at an affordable price point for any real business.

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Full Text News

Full text news and and images filtered by categories and/or keywords.

Business News

business stories and news from the US and international markets in text and pictures.

Entertainment News

Breaking entertainment news, celeb news, and celebrity gossip in text and pictures.

Health News

Health and wellness news and topics including coverage of health care politics.

Sports News and Scores

Daily sports news in full text with images as well as headlines and summaries. Game score feeds

Weather Data

Localized current and forecasted weather information by zip/postal code, ICAO, city name, or latitude/longitude

Airport Delay and Status

Airport delays and airport status feeds in XML

Headlines & Summaries

Continuously updated summaries of news stories from all over the web, along with links to the original source.

Financial Data

Financial news, markets, indices and stock data in clean and easy to use XML formats.

Factoids and Trivia Data

Fresh and continually updated factoids, news nuggets and trivia questions by keyword and/or category.

Lottery Data

High quality lottery data feeds for United States and Canadian lotteries.


Daily astrological horoscopes and lucky numbers for all twelve zodiac signs.

Daily Cartoon

A funny and light hearted daily comic sure to delight and entertain.

Today in History

Hundreds of thousands of historical events, famous and celebrity birthdays and notable deaths.

Inspirational Content

A huge selection of inspirational stories and thousands of available inspirational quotes and sayings

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"“FeedSyndicate’s Content-as-a-Service integrated with our signs quickly and the service and support are better than I could have dreamed of."

Garnder Hopkins, Signage out of the Box

"I don’t have to worry about getting content onto my sites. I know they are going to get fed with the right content automatically without me having to think about it."

Kent Boyce, Matrix Publishing

"Considering all the news and stocks we get from FeedSyndicate the service is surprisingly affordable."

Elliot Pheterson, Signage Solutions, Inc

"Perfect for my needs and has saved me so much time, money, and most of all stress of sourcing stocks and news for my digital signs."

Luc McKeachon, Interactive Concepts

" Awesome!! We used the WordPress plugin from FeedSyndicate and got news up on our website in less than an hour."


"If you need news for your phone app FeedSyndicate is the way to go! We got up and running quickly and pay a fraction of what we were using one of their competitors. "


"We’ve been doing business with FeedSyndicate for more than five years. Great product and customer service has always been first class."

Elizabeth, Princess Cruises

"They listen closely to customer suggestions and feedback and actually use them to make their content better!"

Richard, FishHound

"Just a wee bit of tinkering and we were all done! Content integrated quickly and easily"

Liew, Buddhistdoor

Frequently Asked Questions…

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What does FeedSyndicate do?

FeedSyndicate is a leading provider of real-time content and provides Content as a Service (Caas) This includes news (full article/images) as well as headlines and summaries, weather, stock and market indices and infotainment content. FeedSyndicate content is used by websites, mobile applications, digital signage and news publishers worldwide.


What type of content can you provide?

FeedSyndicate provides a complete and comprehensive content solution that includes: News articles in full text format with images, headlines and summaries, global weather, stocks and market indices data, airport delays, traffic, today in history, horoscopes, trivia, factoids and more. We continually review and add content offerings based on demonstrated customer demand.


What data formats does FeedSyndicate use? How will I get content?

The vast majority of our clients will use one of the many XML types that we support. These vary slightly by content type but include: Simple RSS 9,1, RSS2, NewsML, NITF, WeatherML, StocksML SportsML. We also support Flash for Weather and Stocks. We can also support custom solutions if your needs are non-standard.<


Do you support content in WordPress?

Yes! The FeedSyndicate WordPress Plugin is available as a free download in the WordPress plugin directory. Using the plugin you can automatically import our news and images into your WordPress site.


How much can I expect to pay? What is the cost of a FeedSyndicate account?

We design all of our content service packages designed to meet the specific needs of each client. Our content service packages start as low as $100 a month. Please contact our sales staff for specific pricing for your unique content needs.


Do you offer reseller level accounts?

Yes! Please contact the sales department at sales@feedsyndicate for qualifications and information. FeedSyndicate has very successfully partnered with web hosts as well as digital signage hardware and software providers that wish to provide high quality, customizable content to their customers.

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